Hmm… what can I say? Well, I’m currently 20 years old, 21 in October. I’ve always wanted to work with gaming and 3D stuff since I started heavily playing games back in 2001. I sort of quit World of Warcraft shortly after I found out about IMVU because I wanted to spend a lot of time learning and creating things for IMVU. Back then I briefly visited SecondLife but I didn’t stay long since you couldn’t import your own 3D models.. and I was planning on focusing on 3D stuff since my drawing and texturing skills weren’t so great.. I’ve since worked on that aspect and gotten better. xD It also helps to know your software!
Anyway, I tried my hand at texturing, but decided to making 3D hair.. since there weren’t really that many hairstyles that I liked at the time. Now I’m pretty much exclusively producing hair for IMVU, but I have a few clothing meshes out there as well. I plan to do most of my clothing work in SL, however, I’d like to make some of them in IMVU as well.

Well.. that’s pretty much how I got started. I’ll write more later but I don’t feel like typing this anymore, lol.

For now, after I finish my current IMVU project, my main focus will be in SL. I’m working on a set of photo-real skins!

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