…but eyes are fun! I’ll be leaving soon for a family get together, bleh, but in the meantime I’m using my time to play with eye textures in SL. I love making eyes because you can make pretty much *anything* into an iris. I don’t know who has the largest eye collection in SL, but I think maybe a few months from now I just might beat whatever their number is. There’s two things I’m always hording; hair textures and eye textures. Hair is sooooooooo much fun to make (for me anyway) and same with eyes. With just one 512 texture I can come up with at least three unique-enough iris design based solely on just resizing the image. Just think of what I can come up with once I start mixing designs together, lol. I <3 you eye textures! Maybe I should take some time to just focus on eyes for awhile… I’ll have a LOT of time for that since Thanksgiving is here and I won’t be able to get online! Well, I will, it will just be 56k which is INSUFFICIENT. So, whatever. I’ll just horde more designs. xD I’d like to try my hard at clothing while I’m at it, too. I really need to increase that section of my inventory for the new stores. o: Yes, storeS. I just never have enough prims, so I bought some more land (in Linji and Peronaut, yay!) and I’m doing some splitting and whatnot, one that I’ve been planning for awhile. One store is going to be more “fashionable,” if you will, while another will be more crazy, out-there-ish. Anything else will be a joint project of bringing the two together. Until I can get my island up the way I want it, this is the way it’s going to be for awhile. xD

Anyway, it’s 5:13 now, so I think I’m gonna finally go to bed… or at least pretend like I’m going to sleep or something. I wanna spend some quality time with my bed, my laptop, and an Azam Ali CD; just like the old days (the beginning of this year?).



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