…that has already been answered! Ever since a friend told me about Wacom tablets and my first visit to their website of delicious tools-of-the-trade, I’ve been secretly lusting for the ability to draw right on my computer screen. Well, it’s been about 7 years since then, and now that I can actually afford one, I have a big dilemma! Which one should I get? I’ve been researching and I think I’m nearing a decision. While I would LOVE to get a somewhat matching-with-my-laptop HP tx1000z, the screen does NOT support pressure sensitivity, which for my purposes is a MUST. I’m not sure why anyone would spend over $1,000 just to write love letters and take notes… even if you’re a photographer I’d think a little pressure sensitivity would be nice, right? If you’re going to spend, do it right. Anyway, I’m currently looking at a Toshiba or Gateway.. either of the two seem to have a pretty large display and resolution… of course that means smaller print, but why would I be reading while I’m drawing?
Another plus, I think, is that the tablets I’m looking at are convertible. When I need to check the internet or something that requires a keyboard and my laptop’s not handy, I can just turn the screen around. How nice!

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I do make a decision. I need to go mail a package now. o:



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