You may or may not have noticed my ‘mysterious absence.’ Well, school started, for one thing. Another is that I’ve been perfecting textures for days in between homework and trying to have a little fun with some old friends.. I’ve taken note that pretty much ever since I joined IMVU, I’ve been a complete work-a-holic. Even during the summer, I pretty much worked on stuff from the time I woke up ’til the time I went to bed. While I love love love what I do and enjoy it very much, it’s probably not all that healthy. xD I have a few other reason for slowing things down, but honestly, they are none of anyone’s business but mine and the people directly involved. Anyway, I have a short paper to write so I’m gonna go try to do that now, okay? Hopefully, by next week I’ll have my SL hair script rewritten for the new textures and I’ll start to make new releases. o: I’m going for like 3 new hairstyles per week, 5 if it’s a good week. If I make just one on every off day I have from school, I might be able to do 2 more on weekends or something.

Anyway yeah. >> Bye for now. xD I’ll try to write more often.



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  1. Ivan on September 24, 2007 2:07 am

    so, how much money do you get out of this gig. It seems so much better than copying stuff into spreadsheets all day! LOL, and your comment button says “Hit it.”

  2. mechadollie on September 25, 2007 1:47 pm

    rofl, it does. I didn’t do that btw. o: I make enough for my expensive tastes. ;D

  3. Holydust on October 2, 2007 4:05 pm

    I understand — I’ve been the same way. But your marketing potential is so way above mine that your exhaustion level must also be soaring in the clouds. :D I’m joining SL (for the third time) and I’m anxious to buy at your shop. The problem is that I’m still so retarded as to how it all works that I’m really petrified. I really don’t think I have any interest in developing in SL, only being a buyer and social butterfly. If you can point me to any guides sometime, that would be most helpful. Crossing my fingers that I can find and purchase your wares — don’t work too hard!


  4. mechadollie on October 3, 2007 3:02 pm

    Lol, I’ve been playing more than working. xD I missed all my gamer friends so much. o: But recently I’ve been slowly slipping back into work mode, lol. xD

    If you click on ‘ShH! Main Store” in my shops&links section to the left, you can get a direct link to it. Not to much there now but uhh.. I’m working on it. xD And don’t buy any skins cause they suck. o: I need to redo theeeeeeeeem…

  5. Holydust on October 4, 2007 7:14 pm

    Too late, I did buy a few things. :D I’ve been taking classes non-stop! I certainly won’t be going into business for myself any time soon (far too intimidating) but I’m enjoying shopping!

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