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Hello from Windows Vista. :) I just got my new laptop, yay. Just in time for school to start tomorrow. The awesome part is that it’s way thinner and lighter than my old one, but it’s still able to handle my abuse… Well, it should be able to anyway, lol. Well, it’s late, since I have to go back to school tomorrow, so I’m going to log off for now. I just wanted to mention that I’ve FINALLY finished my skins and go t them in the shop, and I also have a new goal of releasing at least three new hairstyles every week, in SL that is. I’m not sure when I’ll start the releasing, but I’ve started the building. I’m working on new textures and I have a survey floating around with some free hair in some example textures. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a decision within the next week or two. It would be nice to have things selling again. xD Even nicer to be building things! I’m really happy because I’ve miraculously developed a better eye for translating real hair into prims, so the stuff I’m coming up with has improved in quality greatly, I believe.

Also, I probably won’t be working on IMVU that much now, at least until I can sell off a majority of these credits. Sorry to everyone, but in my current situation and IMVU’s current state, it’s kind of not worth my time at the moment. If you want to help out, buy credits from me or CDG. I am not sure where I stand with nitro right now and how his business is holding up under the pressure, though the forums are pretty dead these days. =/



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