Skins previewI was really bored, and I had taken some pics to ask people for an opinion on part of my skins.. and so I ended up making a little teaser poster. I’m not going to put it up in the shop until I get the template EXACTLY as I want it first, and then start working on the make up, not to mention that the image isn’t the right size since I didn’t take the screenshot are the proper size for what I want. xD I could always chop bits though, so we’ll see. Plus, I don’t even know what to call this skin line, lol. Knowing me, I’ll have tons of time to think about that, though I would like to get these out sometime before school starts (Aug. 20 =/ ) Only 19 days to do, if you don’t count today. I’m really sad. =/ On a happier note, I really liek this theme I came up with, and I may change all my images to this format. o: It’s sort of mechadollie-ish in a way; the border, the transparent strip with side text. Overall, I like it a lot. :)

I plan on releasing the skin line for IMVU with the September release of Trend Magazine, an online fashion mag for IMVU that I plan on supporting all the way~ The art work for the magazine can sometimes be hard to read with text, but it’s AMAZING and they only get better with each release! Hopefully I’ll make the advertising deadline and with the release of the magazine will be a full page ad for the new skins! Yay. Maybe I can sneak in some male skins with the help of BFF Tristan. xD



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