…over the last couple of days. But I have good reason. I think my cal3d exporter is broken or something, because I canNOT load up the new meshes I made for my Signature Collection… =/ They won’t load in the Previewer. I’m absolutely dying and so so discouraged right now, lol.. I’m not sure why this is happening, and I haven’t tried using my laptop, because I’m just gonna wait ’til I get my new one, and I haven’t tried exporting like, Julianna or something. Luckily she’s already been exported before, I just haven’t uploaded that style to IMVU yet. o: I really wanted to release all these things at once. >< I'm thinking I MIGHT have something to do with me having like 9320483920 materials, since the outfit is mostly baked textures, but I still need to test that.

Worst case scenario, I will have lots of time to work on SL stuff, LOL. Right now I'm actually running through a sculpted prim tutorial to see if I can get it to work with a conventional cylindrical object. If I can do that, I SUPPOSE I can reformulate my entire creation process.. which is say cause my current way is so quick and easy! A bit polygon heavy though, although with SL it's even more so. xD

Anyway, the moment of truth! Just lemme bake the texture for sculpts and see what happens...
Okay, all rendered.. time to upload and see what happens. I COULD preview, but I enjoy the suspense...
LOL YAY!!! Say hello to awesome hair, SL. Well, I guess you've already said that, but say hello to awesome hair from ME. Here's my first working sculptie EVAR:

My first sculptie !!

Speaking of SL.. I’m thinking of redoing my textures slighty, just to make them a little more shiny, you know? I probably won’t be using these on IMVU for sometimes, since I’ve just recently released them for IMVU, but maybe for some of my exclusives, IF I CAN EVER EXPORT A MESH AGAIN. If not, I’m just going to try poses, and devote my time figuring out wtf is going on/making CLOTHING yay. I’ve got some shirt ideas I wanna do for SL/IMVU that I started back in May, but you know, my comp broke. Luckily for me, I have that stuff back now (yay dad!).

Anyway, I didn’t end up posting on Monday because I went out and bought games and took a personal day, and Tuesday I was weighting meshes, trying to get my stuff to show up, and playing around with lighting-for-baking. The only thing I really got anywhere with is the weighting… which I am so happy to say does not apply to SL, LOL. Making hair their is going to be some much more rewarding and exciting, even without the possibility of derivation.

OH! And alsoooooooo, do to some unfortunate events, “The Face of Style” contest results are postponed ’til tomorrow, which is technically later today. :x I really want to know who won!

Well, with that said. I’m going to go either draw up some hairstyles or play Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth. Yay PSP.. I finally have a game in which I can progress! I got REALLY stuck in Ghost in the Shell, but then again I haven’t checked out any walkthroughs for the part I’m stuck at yet, either.

Oh yeah one more thing o: I’ve lowered the price on my credits to $47.50/100k just to pick up some more sales since I have like 13mil and growing. =/ By the end of tomorrow, it will be 14, SO BUY MY CREDZ PLZ. :( ilu.

Okay, night night. xD



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