So today I spent most of the day showing my mom how to use SL, LOL. I guess the good part about it is that it’s sparked that special fire inside that makes you want to design for SL. While I’ve been really pushing for this, I feel more like I want to do it. o: I also learned that there are a few people from IMVU getting settled in world, which is really nice and I KNOW there’s going to be tons of success since Goose is going to be involved. I was talkign to Smexy about their joint store and then headed over there after my mom got tired from being overwhelmed by Starley’s shop (just wait ’til she gets to ETD and Last Call!). Again, I was wowed, and I just know she’s going to be a fashion favorite sometime soon.

More for the SL news, I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting the rebuild of The Quad. I can’t wait to see what new stuff is in store and the stores themselves. I know it’s going to be awesome awesome awesome because it always is, lol. I enter Starley and Ginny’s “The Face of Style” contest, and while I know there’s TONS of competition, I really hope I can win, and if I can’t win-win that I could be in the “it’s a tie” category, lol. It must be sooooo hard for them to choose! Whoever the pick, however, I’m sure will be super super hot and stylish.

The BEST news is that I finally got back the files from my old laptop! This means I can finally get that Kristen hair pic updated, lol. I can also do things like update my hair textures (IMVU and SL), and continue working on things like shirts and whatnot. I’m so excited! Time to try my hand at skins again! I think maybe I’ll start over again (maybe), but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll finish what I’ve got and then work on a new body type later.

Aaaaaaaanyway… I’m gonna go make some food since I haven’t ate anything all day and I’m hungry! Tata!



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