I’m getting rid of all of the extra stuff and finally changing my layout. It’s based on what I was planning on having like… over a year ago, but with my recent mechadollie-ish colors, lol. Hard to explain. o O But you’ll see.
I’ve have my ‘logo wings’ sitting around forever and haven’t incorporated them into anything but av pics and product screenshots, and then all the graphics for this layout all ready and stuff.. I just never took the time to deal with it. xD Anyway, you can disregard this message if you’ve actually read my homepage. If not, now’s a good time to read it. Well, it’s the next best time.

Also, from now on, half of my mesh releases will not be derivable. Before you start complaining (if you were going to), you should know that this is a compromise I’m making, as opposed to having EVERY new mesh not derivable. So far, this only applies to hairstyles. Clothing and accessory meshes are subject to this treatment, but they would have to be really really specific to a certain outfit I’d be making. For the most part, non derivable hairstyles will be ones that are extremely texture specific, meaning they wouldn’t look so great using the typical straight down hair texture that almost everyone uses. While I KNOW that people can be creative and work with hard to texture meshes, and SUPER props to you all, I’ve chosen these meshes since they may be harder to work with. That’s not the other reason why they’ll be underivable anyway. ;D It will mostly be stuff that I would feel really uncomfortable with giving users the chance to steal or claim as their own. It may seem unlikely, but their have been reports of odd derivations going on and I’ve had people claim a mesh as theirs before. It’s also partly because you don’t seem to know how to uncheck the “Derivable” button. I don’t want to give people the chance to make money off my stuff in a shady way. The TOS says if I doing like their deriving system, just don’t make it derivable. Not with the same words, but that’s the jist of it.



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