Okay, so, I’m gonna be gone ’til Sunday. So what will I be doing when I’m not “having sooooo much fun with my family?” Well, I have several options. Here’s what I’d like to do, in no particular order:

Work on bangs for the remaining 3 tail styles, plus some more I came up with over the last couple nights.
Study all those awesome tribal temp-tattoos I’ve collected over the years so I can learn how to make my own.
Work further on my SL skins. I would like to be able to have a nice face done and the torso-to-lower-half seam gone for this one contest I think would be fun to enter.
Create make up for IMVU and SL skins, yay! I’ve been drawing up stuff for a little while for this. Most the designs are more on the goth/punk side, but some would work for an inbetween look. I want to do some subtle, and some with some far out face painting fun! I’ve been known for my cute little face drawings with eyeliner, so hopefully they’ll turn out really cool.

Anyway, gtg now, so I’ll see you all officially on Sunday or Monday!



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